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What is a Server? Why Do You Need One?

The true definition of a server is “a computer or computer program that manages access to a centralized resource or service in a network.” The server controls who, what and when data is accessed from various devices on the network. The server provides critical back-end task such as:

• Data storage
• Data protection
• Redundancy
• Backup

All of these components ensure that critical data is secure but also available upon request. It is important to understand the value of the server and not overlook the day to day task that the server is responsible for. Your server is the backbone on which your dental practice is able to work efficiently and securely.

How we Configure our Servers

When it comes to servers, they are only as good as they are configured. There are typically two ways that servers are configured:

• Workgroup
• Domain

The main difference in these types of configurations is that a Workgroup has no central management while a Domain manages security and access centrally from the server. All servers deployed by SolutionStart are configured in a Domain because it offers more security and more management options.

How we Configure our Server Hard Drives

Another key feature of a server is the hard drive configuration. Server hard drives are configured in a RAID configuration which is just another way of combining multiple hard drives to look like one drive. A RAID configuration provides redundancy. This means that if one drive fails the others can still function with no data loss.

These features along with many others are put in place to ensure your network will run efficient and secure with minimal problems.

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